Orchid was born from the desire to bring seduction to all women; to redefine the perception of sensual wellbeing and encourage confidence and connection in the boudoir. We recognise that sensuality is as personal and intricate as our DNA. For this reason we refrain from telling you what is seductive but rather offer you ideas, suggestions and products instilled with possibility and playfulness. We encourage you to pursue your inner seductress.

We believe that for many women the elements of seduction and the lead up to lovemaking to be just as powerful and enjoyable; loaded with opportunity and excitement. Orchid endeavours to offer collections that encourage both women and men to reawaken or enhance their sensual desire and playfulness without compromising style, personal values or quality.

We want to elevate the standard and integrity of sensual products available in the New Zealand market by offering clients a unique high end range in a sophisticated and friendly environment. We are focused on sourcing new products, most of which are not currently available in the New Zealand market and delivering these to you or your significant other elegantly wrapped.

Orchid is New Zealand’s first seduction boutique, we are unique; always encouraging, always playful, always seductive.

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Orchid du Bois

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